Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry CHRISTmas everyone!! Remember the reason for the season! Happy Birthday Jesus!!
I started off my day with a little cardio and a light, full-body workout. Since I'm in the third trimester of pregnancy, the best way I can describe it is feeling like you've constantly just finished a VERY INTENSE leg workout. The way you just are SO exhausted and need to rest and sleep all the time. THAT is what I feel like. =) So I've definitely backed off quite a bit, listen to my body, and do what I need to do to stay fit within reason! It IS the most amazing feeling though to carry around my baby boy all the time and feel his movements! I feel like I know him so well already! So true... even now before he's born... A love like no other! Now it's time for the rest of the Christmas festivities! =) I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy the time with your family and friends! Cherish every moment with them! From My Family to Yours... God Bless!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

89 Days To Go!

89 Days to go until Baby Boy Wright is due! Things have been great and as I'm drawing nearer to the third trimester, I'm finally starting to look pregnant! =) The baby is growing and getting more and more active by the day! We can't wait to meet him!
I'm still training. The workouts are definitely having to be adjusted due to the growing belly. I'm now doing more machine exercises, especially for lower body, and have to watch my positioning for comfort and support during the free weight exercises. This past week, with the growing and positioning of the baby, my back has really begun to ache. Our recliner just isn't comfortable at all anymore and it used to be the greatest chair of all time. So instead, you'll find me sitting in the floor using the chair as my back rest. The diet is that of a typical off season. I am pretty lax on what I'm taking in (of course within reason) and making sure I'm still getting in enough protein.
I'm definitely embracing and loving my first pregnancy! I am definitely very blessed with the experience so far! I just can't believe how fast it has flown by! Hoping for another update soon!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's a BOY!!

This post is LONG overdue, but better late than never! After the Toronto Pro Supershow in June, my husband (Andrew) & I had discussed we would start trying for our first child. Well, it sure didn't take long! I am very pleased to announce (if you haven't already heard) that I am 5 months pregnant with our first baby! A baby BOY!!! I'm due in March and so far things have been wonderful! He's definitely a very active baby just like his parents. He feels like a karate kid in there sometimes LOL! We couldn't be more excited and thankful for this! But still don't count me out! Training is still on point at a modified rate. I haven't even TOUCHED ice cream during the pregnancy... so I will DEFINITELY be back on stage as soon as my body and baby allow... so Don't Count Me Out!! =) I'll keep you posted and keep us in your prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy for us all!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Remember Why You Started Competing in the First Place!

It was fun! It was exciting! You were pushing yourself to your limits and learning so much more about yourself and your body. You were growing both physically, emotionally,mentally & spiritually. Well, guess what?! It STILL IS!! It's a passion! If you remember why you started, you won't dread going to the gym... You won't dread planning out your meals.. you won't dread doing the cardio.. Learn to appreciate that this should be a LIFESTYLE rather than simply a phase in your life. Not to mention it's what you do all year around that shows up on stage on contest day.
People look up to you during your contest prep and "OOO" and "Awww" over your show pictures. If you go back to eating junk and becoming a couch potato once you step off stage, what kind of example are you setting for others?! Remember, people are always watching you!

I'm not saying you can never venture off and have a cheat meal, or that you have to restrict your calories at all times. Just make intelligent decisions and remember everything in moderation. Set that example and show others it IS possible to live a healthy lifestyle, be happy, be active, and ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Toronto Pro Supershow Recap

This show had many "first" experiences for me! It was AMAZING to say the least! I prepared and did my best and looked forward to traveling to Canada, as I've never been out of the country! Once we crossed the border, I was so pleased with what I found! Andrew & I absolutely loved Toronto and all it had to offer. The people were friendly and everything was so nice and clean! Definitely somewhere we'd like to travel to again!
At the prejudging, my goal was just to do my best and have fun! It was SO good to see so many fellow competitors I haven't seen in a while and meet new ones! Some of them being people I sincerely look up to. At the athletes meeting, I had the honor to sit beside of Cathy LeFrancois. Then, in the physique round.. I was the only one NOT from Canada in the first callouts... standing me beside of the wonderful Mindi O'Brien, who is someone I've looked up to for some time! I watch her DVD while I do morning cardio. That just makes it all SO surreal to be standing beside of her, on the pro stage, in Canada, in the first callout! That alone made it SO worthwhile doing this show!!
At the finals, we started with the Fitness Routines. This time, being last, I decided not to start warming up until after the first girl begin, that way I didn't wear myself out. This worked a lot better as I didn't feel exhausted before I even hit the stage. I did farely well in my routine other than I twisted my ankle in one part (don't even know HOW I managed to do that), I recovered well, but if was definitely noticable.. so I know that had to hurt my score (and my ankle LOL). I was disappointed in myself, simply because I know there's no one to blame but myself. This only fuels my fire, and makes me want it even more! So back to the drawing board. I need to find that "WOW" factor for my routines! I'm going up against such ELITE athletes.. I've got to go above and beyond to do my best! It's something I definitely plan to work on! The way the routines went my overall placing ended up being 9th out of 14. I'm still SO proud of my placing and my callout and will continue to improve and do my best!
On the way home, Andrew & I got to see Niagara Falls which was great! It was so good having a weekend away from our laptops and since our phones were out of range, we only used them for a few quick must-send messages. The time to just relax and enjoy each other and our company was a nice change of pace!
So... Toronto, THANK YOU for putting on such a good show in such a great location! I hope to see you again! =)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2 Main Things it Takes to be a TRUE Competitor

I've been thinking lately of how blessed I am to be able to do what I love... Compete! And not only compete, but be able to compete as an IFBB Professional now! It's an amazing feeling to know "I've made it!" There is now, however, an added pressure of deliverance. I MUST bring an amazing routine and package to the stage each and every time I step on stage because .. well, I'm a PRO! It's expected of me. And I expect nothing less of myself. With all this added pressure, it sure sounds like it sucks the fun out of competing. I'm doing everything possible to still go about what I did before being a pro, in that I will simply do MY best given MY situation at the time, and enjoy the process to the best of my ability! If I don't, it would DEFINITELY not be worth the time on stage, because that one day...those few minutes, pass with the blink of an eye and it's all over and time to train for the next show.
Now people that know me, KNOW my passion for fitness. I honestly believe people think it's EASY for me to do what I do! While I do have a natural born gift and DESIRE to better myself and love to lift weights and push my body to it's limits... it is NO WHERE NEAR EASY! Even for me. So I want to let you in on a little behind the scenes of what it takes... There are 2 main things I believe it takes to be a true competitor. #1: Dedication. You have to WANT it!! This is something you have to live out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! What you do in the offseason when you think you're not getting ready for a show DOES affect what you bring come competition time. It is MORE than a full time job (although I do have 2 other full time jobs, both being a registered nurse AND competition trainer/coach/choreographer which I think people forget about also!)! It's a job that requires you to work overtime day in and day out, and your overtime pay is that trophy the day of your show. #2: Investment. This is both Time & Money! As I said above, what you do 24/7 affects how well you do on competition day. Things people typically don't think about too. Getting your body fat as low as possible, while maintaining full muscles, and still having enough energy to walk on stage in high heels, then perform a 2 minute EXHAUSTING routine of flips, strength & flexibility moves requires so many factors to be in place. Things like lack of sleep, high stress levels, emotional roller coasters, not drinking enough water, eating too much or not enough of specific foods all can have a dramatic impact on your physique. The closer to a show, the more discipline needed to get that last little bit of fat off and your skin to tighten up, and remember, all while keeping your muscles full and energy up! Talk about a juggling act!! So there's lifting weights, cardio, stretching, routine practice, gymnastics that all take up actual time away from home. Also, factor in the time it takes to cook all those meals- then with cooking comes lots of dishes (not to mention all other household chores and bills and all the fun grown up stuff you have to do) - and with all that, comes MULTIPLE trips to the grocery store each and every week. You also need to take into consideration you skin.. which needs to be clear and exfoliated weeks before the show so the tan applies even and smooth. You need to get your hair done, roots done, ends trimmed... run through your routine in costume to make sure it stays in place as it should and is properly functional. Walking across stage in a sparkling bikini, sounds easy enough, right!? NOT! Add nerves, posing, HIGH heels, and possibly oil on the stage and you've got a recipe for disaster- IF you don't practice.. so again more time involved to practice for the physique round. Plus worry about things like your finger and toe nails being done because you're judged on being the TOTAL package, from head to toe! Hair, Makeup, Suit, Tan, Nails, Poise, Presentation.. EVERYTHING! Also, For one show, one weekend getaway... everyone thinks it's almost a vacation. Once you're there you spend the entire evening before the show shaving, then putting on a few coats of tan, cooking all your food for the show day, then trying to get some sleep without messing up your tan. The next day is all competition, get up before the sun comes out to get your makeup and hair done, more tan, competitors meeting, physique round in the morning and routines and finals at night. Then get up and drive home the next day. Very rarely is site seeing involved. You're too tired, and have too much preparation to do to make sure everything is in order for the stage! So with that comes the money investment! For one show, one weekend getaway... everyone thinks it's almost a vacation. They forget that you spend all that money in gas to drive there. Then you have to pay for the hotel for the weekend, which to get a kitchen is never going to be $100/night (and as a competitor, you MUST have a kitchen, it's not like you can eat at McDonald's). You've already invested at least $60 in your tanning supplies, $50 in a manicure and pedicure, another $60+ in getting your hair done, $400+ in a 2 piece competition suit, $400+ in a routine costume. Then if you add getting your makeup done professionally at the show you're looking at another $100-150. It adds up! And FAST! Adding that up you are already looking at a minimum of $1260. So it's not easy. It's not a vacation. It's draining on the bank account. You invest ALL of your time and constantly are thinking in the back of your mind "Is what I'm doing going to help or hurt me come competition day!?!?" BUT it's what I DO! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toronto Pro Supershow

June 17th 2011, I'll be competing at the Toronto Pro Supershow! Here's a video they've put together of some of their athletes! Also check out their website for updates!

Monday, May 2, 2011

IFBB New York Pro Fitness

The Results Are In!!! My Pro Debut was absolutely AMAZING!!! Out of 17 amazing professionals, I was able to pull off a final placing of 6th!!!!!! It was an exhausting weekend, but I wouldn't change it for the world! Things were great and I'm excited to continue this journey! What a great way to get started in the pros!

Monday, March 21, 2011

..Out of My Control...

So as my show is getting closer and the pressure is building on most, I've actually got a great calm about myself. For one, I'm ahead of schedule, so this past week actually added more food back in to fill my muscles back up! Two, I know that this has been my best prep yet.. I've worked harder than I ever have before.. and been more focused in this prep more than I ever have before. Why? Because I know I'm going up against women I've respected and looked up to for years! Women who are the best in the WORLD! I took full responsibility for my actions and title as a new IFBB Fitness Pro and KNEW I had to step up my game. No more playing around. This is what I DO! So I had better do it to the best of my ability and God-given talent! I want to prove that giving me a pro card at Team Universe last year was the right decision!

No concerning myself with what everyone else is doing, who shows up, or if someones theme or routine is better than mine, whether the judges like blonde or brown hair, or pink or blue suits.. that is all OUT OF MY CONTROL!
I choose to focus on what IS in my control! That would be making sure I'm lifting like I should, that my routine is smooth and crisp and exciting, I'm getting the rest and sleep I need, my diet is on point, that my physique is improved since the last time I stepped on stage and is a look that I am happy with!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Arnold 2011 Wrap Up

So Andrew & I stopped on the way home and thought we'd give a quick shout out to everyone who helped make the weekend awesome! Great to see old friends and meet new ones!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Where it all began... Valentine's Day 2003. Andrew & I worked together at the rec center. He came at the end of my shift on Valentine's day with a beautiful rose in his hand. The night before he'd learned I was newly single when I said "I guess I'll be buying myself roses for Valentine's day". As he handed me the rose, he proceeded to tell me that "A girl like you with such class shouldn't be buying herself roses on Valentine's day". It only took us another couple weeks to officially start dating and we were married a year and half later! When you know... YOU KNOW! And we DID from the very first conversation we had! The rest goes down in history as a fairytale book!
So today.. this Valentine's... 7 years later, there's a knock at my door. There are beautiful roses, a heart shaped balloon, and a cute stuffed puppy dog with this note attached.
I couldn't be more thankful for my wonderful husband and all that he does for me! Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! A special Happy Valentine's Day to my husband, Andrew! <3

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Building the Brand "ME"

I GOT MY NEW SUIT TODAY!!!! YAY!!!! Thanks to Tamee Marie who is the BEST SUIT DESIGNER EVERRRRR!!! I just love her!

As for me, each year it seems like I have certain goals. For years it was a pro card.. but even more than that it was to better myself or expand in certain areas. This year so far I've really been focusing on the brand "ME". Before I would send out emails, and network and such.. but this year- I'm really doing my homework.. each day contacting 2-4 companies and racking my brain looking for sponsors and opportunities within the industry. I've already set up one photo shoot the week after my show to get some GREAT high quality shots. I'm also contacting some other photographers I've not worked with yet to see what I can learn and try to grow in that area. So for the 50 or so rejections (or just lack of return messages) I've gotten so far, once I get that ONE, it will be worth it. What people don't realize though is how exhausting that is! It's like being a struggling actress looking for work! LOL! But HEY! It's just a part of the process!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Do's & Don'ts of Competing...

As I posted earlier today on FitGemsNation, Here is a list of some "Do's and Don'ts" of the competitive world from my perspective.

So, thinking of basic advice to give someone competing.. here are a list of do's and don'ts.

I recently posted a blog about a big "no no" for me when it comes to competing.


say "but I trained so hard.. I deserve it". Everyone wants 1st place and everyone trained hard for the show. Everyone had struggles and everyone overcame SOMETHING. Some may have lost a lot of bodyfat while others struggle to gain muscle to be competitive. Some have jobs that get in the way, others have very families who don't support them. While we all have things we have had to overcome to get to the stage, it is VERY unbecoming to say "But I Deserved It". (Check out my blog from December 27th to read more)


Congratulate your fellow athletes that even placed better than you. They DID deserve it on that day and the judges agreed on that. We are in a VERY small sport where many people don't understand what we are doing. The ladies standing next to you on stage are the only ones who truly know what you've been through and can say I "get it". If we don't support each other, how do you expect others to support us.


Slack off in the off season. This is when you can mold and change your physique so that when you DO peel away those layers, you'll be amazed at what you might find to show off on stage.


Have cheat meals in the offseason. Live a little bit unstructured. Because if you don't, you'll lose your mind come contest prep and have more trouble staying on track. It'll definitely make you appreciate your contest prep even more =)


put off buying all of your contest prep items until the last minute. This is an expensive sport and suits and tan along with travel and hotel will BREAK your wallet FAST.


buy little bits at a time. Order your suit well in advance and get the payments out of the way. Order your tan as well. Put money away from each paycheck to go towards your travel expenses. That way you don't have to come up with a large amount of money right at the contest to get your hair and nails done, pay hotel, gas/flight, final suit payments, shoe.. and don't forget to get your registration card and entry fee in early.


change trainers or programs every other day. Unless there is a true conflict, miscommunication, or breach of trust.. changing your system without giving it a chance to take effect will only set back yourself from reaching your goals. If you continue to jump training styles or even worse .. take a little bit of training style from this and a little bit from that and make a "hybrid" style.. you may not only be spinning your tires, but actually be taking many steps back. Realize there's a reason for everything.


be open with you coach about your training. If you feel like something isn't working, let them know! Myself, as a trainer, I truly believe if it ain't broke, don't fix it. HOWEVER, if I do NOT know it's broken, I canNOT fix it. So open communication is key. You also need to realize that there are MANY ways to reach the same goal. Many paths to take to lead to the same result. So be open to different styles of training and nutrition.

These are just a few things to think about. If you talk to any competitor there is a million pieces of advice they can and will give you.

but first and foremost I want to say...

DO---- HAVE FUN!! This is something that you do for YOU! So enjoy it! No one is twisting your arm saying you MUST train. You MUST diet. You MUST get all tan, in a bikini.. and step on stage! This is a CHOICE. We CHOOSE to do it and take it as a whole.. the good AND the bad! Always remember,if it were easy- Everyone would do it!