Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Confessions of an Invincible Fit Mom 7/22/13

Confessions of an Invincible Fit Mom 7/22/13
It’s already been 2 weeks since I stepped on stage at my first physique show.  It already seems like it’s been months ago! Why? I’m not really sure, to be honest with you. Maybe partly because I wasn’t where I would have liked to be for the show, but also wasn’t willing to put in all that extra work to get there, leaving me content with where I was.  I came home, had my 30th birthday, and have eaten junk food every single day since.  I already halfway feel like I have to start from scratch, then I think- WAIT! It WAS only 2 weeks ago, if I fix this NOW .. I won’t lose all of my progress on how far I had come. (although should have fixed it 2 days after the show)
Confessional: This is not easy for me since having a baby. My passion and my priorities have changed, yet stayed the same.  I have trouble finding the balance and fitting things into the 24 hours we are given each day.  I have SSOOO many blessings! I have sooo much that I am so thankful for so please don’t get me wrong! I find myself wishing it were easy, or there was a magic pill to fix it.  I still feel like I should be able to eat whatever I want and slack on the cardio and still get the body that I want (like I could do when I was 20), but that is definitely not the case.  I, now, have to work harder AND have more obstacles in me being able to get that work done.  More “noise” if you will.  This is where desire and passion come into play.  It’s so hard to explain because there are so many ups and downs.  When I’m at the gym after Mason is in bed, I feel fine! I’m excited! I am motivated.  It’s ME time!  I almost contemplate putting together a fitness routine and hitting the stage again asap.  Then I turn back into mommy mode and think there’s NO way I want to spend all the time required away from my amazing son who is doing something new each day! I don’t want to miss this precious time with him and my husband! Not to mention that’s time I need to be putting into our personal businesses and studying for my critical care nurse certification exam to make me a better nurse.  So then what!? I wake up the next day and have the same battle.  I start to do cardio at the house because that is easier (with a 16 mo old who won’t stay in the gym nursery away from mommy or daddy) while Mason is napping, but only 15 minutes in he starts to cry so I go get him.  Another session cut short.  I go to the gym late at night so I don’t miss anything, but am so tired by then. I feel like I’ve already had a workout for the day, topped off by bedtime routine. It would be soo easy to be content with being normal and average.  *There is NOTHING wrong with being normal and average, however I believe I’ve been given a gift and truly want to use it to the greatest potential possible and inspire others in the process*
So this ends now. Today is a new day! Each day a new blessing.  Andrew & I talked… got on the same page a little bit, a new plan of action… and so it begins.  I’ve just got to put my big girl panties on and be the strong woman I am, and as hard as it may/will be – there is NO reason why I can’t do and have it all!  How am I supposed to inspire others if I don’t walk the walk myself! Besides, I want Mason to see the importance of eating healthy and exercise.  And No, we are not going to force him to compete or be a bodybuilder by any means.  We just want to him the live a healthy balanced lifestyle doing whatever makes him happy!  And for me, it’s only been 2 weeks and I’ve still been lifting, but sporadically.  My body can already tell the difference.  Some people get sore and hate working out.  I get SO sore if I do NOT lift hard and heavy.  My hip, knee, and ankle joints start to ache like I’m 80 years old!  As soon as I start lifting again, that goes away.  It’s about health.  It’s about setting an example.  It’s about overcoming the odds.  Leadership! Taking responsibility! Today, I have stayed on my diet 100%. I did cardio at the house (the last 10 minutes with Mason on my knee riding the bike) and will be headed to the gym when Andrew gets home from work.  So time to check out some new music to download for my workout! Time to get pumped!
Not to mention I’m an IFBB PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE! I had better act like one! =)