Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Thoughts On ViSalus

I won't lie. I never thought I'd see myself jump on board. I had 4 close friends contact me about ViSalus over the past year and each one I turned down.  I thought it was a pyramid scheme.  I didn't want to play into the hype. I hate doing what everyone else is doing.  I don't like "fads".  I got a message less than a month ago from my friend, Sheri, and something clicked.  She'd recently joined and her message was simple and to the point. 
It got me thinking about all the people over the past 10 years who have come to me wanting to lose weight and feel better about themselves, but all having the same responses...
"I don't have time."  "I can't eat what you eat."  "I don't have time to cook all that food."  "I like my sweets."  etc... etc...etc...
All of those people who had complained to me.. I didn't really have an answer for.  You have to invest time to get results.  We all know that.  Here's the thing.  You don't have to do a total overhaul.  If you make ONE simple change.. it can help change your life.  I like to compare it to my cousin.  She lost 30lbs over 4 months by just drinking water instead of pop all the time.  One small change.  No gym time.  No diet pills.  Simply substituting ONE thing in her life made a huge difference! 
So I say this to you all now.  ViSalus is your answer when you have all the excuses like listed above.  It's a company that has based everything around their shake (yes they have other products, but the base is the shake).   There are plenty of nutrients packed into a low calorie shake that you can mix all kinds of goodies in and make it even BETTER.  Replace the worst meal of your day with a shake.  For example, if you stop at Wendy's on your way home from work in the evening, mix a yummy shake instead.  You're getting WAY more nutrients, LESS calories, and it will take you less time than waiting on the drive thru too, all while saving money. If you have trouble getting up to get breakfast in the morning, have one for breakfast.
Then the company has even better news.  They spent NO money on advertisements.  They simply gave incentives to people using their products, who are now making loads of money from home. So they put the money into the people, rather than billboards.   So now, not only are you losing weight, making healthier food choices, you're getting your shakes for FREE and if you want to be a promoter, making more money on top of that. 
I know you all probably feel like I'm spamming my facebook wall or something with all my Visalus recipes, wanting you to join.. but seeing as how so many of you have asked for help along the way and I KNOW you want to make a change. Here it is. Right before your very eyes! and SOOO SIMPLE! So yes, I won't lie. There is money to be made with the business.  But even more than that- I truly believe so many of you would be successful with this!  That is why I want ViSalus to take over Charleston! It's time we all stood up and did something positive for a change!!! 
PLEASE message me for more details! I will get you samples! I'll give you my number and we can chat and I can answer your questions! Whatever you need, just let me know! 

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