Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Confessions of an Invincible Fit Mom: August 7, 2013

Confessions of an Invincible Fit Mom: August 7, 2013
Failure. What is it really? I looked up on Merriam Webster dictionary and found a few different definitions, none of which really hit home for me.  The first one being the omission of occurrence or performance; specifically : a failing to perform a duty or expected action.
Let me start by saying I am VERY hard on myself.  I hold myself to the highest of standards on some certain things.  I’m terrified of failure and absolutely refuse to fail.  The thing is, I think I have a very realistic definition of failure for myself.  I don’t think I fail if I don’t get 1st place at a competition, however I DID fail if I didn’t put my all into my prep and I didn’t allow myself to compete at 100%.  Now to me, that is failure.  I’m not a failure because I’m not rich with money, because I am a huge success being rich with love and family and passion in my life! I guess it's kind of a matter of perspective for me.
Being a mom has changed everything in my way of thinking.  I think my standards for myself are even higher than they were before because I feel like there’s a magnifying glass that people are looking at me through just waiting on me to give up and slip up.  It’s made the start of this off season a little stressful for me.  Up until a couple of days ago I was feeling like a failure.  I was eating foods not on my off season nutrition guide.  I was eating out and eating junk food and candy.  Not all day every day, but enough to where I didn’t go even 3 days without having something I shouldn’t.  Then it hit me.  I do this every off season.  Why beat myself up about it now?If I’m having 5-6 meals a day and all but one is on point, why not relax a little bit and be a rebel.  Sure! I know if I did 100% clean I would have minimal body fat gain and maximal muscle growth, but then there’s the mental and emotional aspect of things.  Just knowing that if I want something, I can eat it and not feel guilty is a satisfaction you get.  Yes, it is yet again a coin toss because you also get satisfaction in knowing your disciplined enough to stay on track 100% and can turn down anything and everything in front of you. I’ve definitely done that one time and time again.  For now though, I choose to take an alternative route.  It doesn’t have to be totally black or white sometimes.  Yes, I am totally rationalizing my “failures” right now because a couple of days ago I accepted them!! I’ve totally let loose and have been having even better workouts and getting more pumped about training not stressing myself out about being perfect.  While, as a pro, and being known as the gym rat, bodybuilder, fitness girl, etc.. I’m held to these standards of people thinking it’s easy for me and all I do is work out and fix health food…but I’m actually a very normal person who just strives to achieve great things!  Here’s to enjoying life in the process!!  
And by the way- the only way to be a failure.. is to just flat out quit!  And I’m no quitter! =)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Confessions of an Invincible Fit Mom 7/22/13

Confessions of an Invincible Fit Mom 7/22/13
It’s already been 2 weeks since I stepped on stage at my first physique show.  It already seems like it’s been months ago! Why? I’m not really sure, to be honest with you. Maybe partly because I wasn’t where I would have liked to be for the show, but also wasn’t willing to put in all that extra work to get there, leaving me content with where I was.  I came home, had my 30th birthday, and have eaten junk food every single day since.  I already halfway feel like I have to start from scratch, then I think- WAIT! It WAS only 2 weeks ago, if I fix this NOW .. I won’t lose all of my progress on how far I had come. (although should have fixed it 2 days after the show)
Confessional: This is not easy for me since having a baby. My passion and my priorities have changed, yet stayed the same.  I have trouble finding the balance and fitting things into the 24 hours we are given each day.  I have SSOOO many blessings! I have sooo much that I am so thankful for so please don’t get me wrong! I find myself wishing it were easy, or there was a magic pill to fix it.  I still feel like I should be able to eat whatever I want and slack on the cardio and still get the body that I want (like I could do when I was 20), but that is definitely not the case.  I, now, have to work harder AND have more obstacles in me being able to get that work done.  More “noise” if you will.  This is where desire and passion come into play.  It’s so hard to explain because there are so many ups and downs.  When I’m at the gym after Mason is in bed, I feel fine! I’m excited! I am motivated.  It’s ME time!  I almost contemplate putting together a fitness routine and hitting the stage again asap.  Then I turn back into mommy mode and think there’s NO way I want to spend all the time required away from my amazing son who is doing something new each day! I don’t want to miss this precious time with him and my husband! Not to mention that’s time I need to be putting into our personal businesses and studying for my critical care nurse certification exam to make me a better nurse.  So then what!? I wake up the next day and have the same battle.  I start to do cardio at the house because that is easier (with a 16 mo old who won’t stay in the gym nursery away from mommy or daddy) while Mason is napping, but only 15 minutes in he starts to cry so I go get him.  Another session cut short.  I go to the gym late at night so I don’t miss anything, but am so tired by then. I feel like I’ve already had a workout for the day, topped off by bedtime routine. It would be soo easy to be content with being normal and average.  *There is NOTHING wrong with being normal and average, however I believe I’ve been given a gift and truly want to use it to the greatest potential possible and inspire others in the process*
So this ends now. Today is a new day! Each day a new blessing.  Andrew & I talked… got on the same page a little bit, a new plan of action… and so it begins.  I’ve just got to put my big girl panties on and be the strong woman I am, and as hard as it may/will be – there is NO reason why I can’t do and have it all!  How am I supposed to inspire others if I don’t walk the walk myself! Besides, I want Mason to see the importance of eating healthy and exercise.  And No, we are not going to force him to compete or be a bodybuilder by any means.  We just want to him the live a healthy balanced lifestyle doing whatever makes him happy!  And for me, it’s only been 2 weeks and I’ve still been lifting, but sporadically.  My body can already tell the difference.  Some people get sore and hate working out.  I get SO sore if I do NOT lift hard and heavy.  My hip, knee, and ankle joints start to ache like I’m 80 years old!  As soon as I start lifting again, that goes away.  It’s about health.  It’s about setting an example.  It’s about overcoming the odds.  Leadership! Taking responsibility! Today, I have stayed on my diet 100%. I did cardio at the house (the last 10 minutes with Mason on my knee riding the bike) and will be headed to the gym when Andrew gets home from work.  So time to check out some new music to download for my workout! Time to get pumped!
Not to mention I’m an IFBB PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE! I had better act like one! =)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tough Times

Things aren't perfect.  They never are.  Situations never present themselves in an easy fashion.  There are ALWAYS forms of obstacles in the way.  Whatever your obstacle may be, rather than shutting down and giving up... look for ways to overcome that obstacle. Pray- but don't expect God to hand you the answer.  Get out there and create your own destiny with His guidance!  If it's meant to be, it will happen! Even more than that... the more you have to overcome... the SWEETER the VICTORY!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Thoughts On ViSalus

I won't lie. I never thought I'd see myself jump on board. I had 4 close friends contact me about ViSalus over the past year and each one I turned down.  I thought it was a pyramid scheme.  I didn't want to play into the hype. I hate doing what everyone else is doing.  I don't like "fads".  I got a message less than a month ago from my friend, Sheri, and something clicked.  She'd recently joined and her message was simple and to the point. 
It got me thinking about all the people over the past 10 years who have come to me wanting to lose weight and feel better about themselves, but all having the same responses...
"I don't have time."  "I can't eat what you eat."  "I don't have time to cook all that food."  "I like my sweets."  etc... etc...etc...
All of those people who had complained to me.. I didn't really have an answer for.  You have to invest time to get results.  We all know that.  Here's the thing.  You don't have to do a total overhaul.  If you make ONE simple change.. it can help change your life.  I like to compare it to my cousin.  She lost 30lbs over 4 months by just drinking water instead of pop all the time.  One small change.  No gym time.  No diet pills.  Simply substituting ONE thing in her life made a huge difference! 
So I say this to you all now.  ViSalus is your answer when you have all the excuses like listed above.  It's a company that has based everything around their shake (yes they have other products, but the base is the shake).   There are plenty of nutrients packed into a low calorie shake that you can mix all kinds of goodies in and make it even BETTER.  Replace the worst meal of your day with a shake.  For example, if you stop at Wendy's on your way home from work in the evening, mix a yummy shake instead.  You're getting WAY more nutrients, LESS calories, and it will take you less time than waiting on the drive thru too, all while saving money. If you have trouble getting up to get breakfast in the morning, have one for breakfast.
Then the company has even better news.  They spent NO money on advertisements.  They simply gave incentives to people using their products, who are now making loads of money from home. So they put the money into the people, rather than billboards.   So now, not only are you losing weight, making healthier food choices, you're getting your shakes for FREE and if you want to be a promoter, making more money on top of that. 
I know you all probably feel like I'm spamming my facebook wall or something with all my Visalus recipes, wanting you to join.. but seeing as how so many of you have asked for help along the way and I KNOW you want to make a change. Here it is. Right before your very eyes! and SOOO SIMPLE! So yes, I won't lie. There is money to be made with the business.  But even more than that- I truly believe so many of you would be successful with this!  That is why I want ViSalus to take over Charleston! It's time we all stood up and did something positive for a change!!! 
PLEASE message me for more details! I will get you samples! I'll give you my number and we can chat and I can answer your questions! Whatever you need, just let me know! 

Here are a couple of links for you to follow as well. 
Charleston's ViSalus Takeover facebook page:

ViSalus Customer/Promoter Website:

Please feel free to email me at!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


My 1st and foremost goal is to be the best Wife & Mommy I can possibly be!
With everything going on, all my loves and passions in life... nothing can surpass those "titles" and what all they truly mean. Being a wife to Andrew is the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for, and NOW, we have created this little boy that we get to raise. I can't wait to meet him! As for baby, our goal is to raise him the way God intended. Have fun, love him, cherish him, spoil him too of course, but also give him direction. Teach him morals and values.. right from wrong. These are my true goals to come.
As for some other goals, I know you're all wondering and asking about my fitness plans. I do have high hopes of returning to the stage. As you all have learned over the years, I always work to improve from year to year. This year is a bit different with all the changes my body has gone through, however once baby gets here, we will reassess the situation and make a plan from there. While I would love to return to the stage asap, I will not do so unless my body is ready both physique-wise AND routine wise. I will not rush anything "just to compete". I always want to be at my best and while I love to push my body, I also know my limitations. We'll take this process one day at a time. In the meantime, we're enjoying the pregnancy and now have a countdown of 30 Days Until Baby Wright is Due!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a little update

Here's a belly pic from 34wks on Jan 30, 2012.

I figured it was about time to stop in for an update. As for baby, he's growing well and progressing as he should! Things are going great and I couldn't be more thankful! We've also had our baby shower since I last posted so we've had a time trying to find a place to put everything. The baby has taken over and he's not even here yet LOL =) We are SO thankful for all the wonderful gifts we received! It was definitely a huge load lifted off our shoulders with all the help and support we've gotten! At this point, only about 34 days to go!
I'm still working at the hospital full time. I have my moments of being short of breath where baby takes up so much space, but overall doing well. I would go ahead and take some time off, but I would MUCH rather be off after he gets here.
I'm also still able to go to the gym. A typical workout for me is 1-2 exercises per body part. I typically do a full body workout with slightly higher reps and lower weight and then 20 minutes on the treadmill walking at an incline. It feels pretty good to still be able to have my gym time... not only to still be able to feel the weights, but also makes my body feel better and I sleep better too. At this point I'm lifting strictly to prepare for labor/delivery of baby as well as for circulation purposes. Definitely pregnancy lifting isn't to gain muscle or lose body fat. It's 100% for baby!
And his name, you ask!?! We have had his name picked out since the beginning of the 2nd trimester but haven't told anybody! It's going to be a surprise! We did get him his first outfit to wear and it has his name on it! So we can't wait for our families to come see him the first time! =)