Thursday, July 14, 2011

Remember Why You Started Competing in the First Place!

It was fun! It was exciting! You were pushing yourself to your limits and learning so much more about yourself and your body. You were growing both physically, emotionally,mentally & spiritually. Well, guess what?! It STILL IS!! It's a passion! If you remember why you started, you won't dread going to the gym... You won't dread planning out your meals.. you won't dread doing the cardio.. Learn to appreciate that this should be a LIFESTYLE rather than simply a phase in your life. Not to mention it's what you do all year around that shows up on stage on contest day.
People look up to you during your contest prep and "OOO" and "Awww" over your show pictures. If you go back to eating junk and becoming a couch potato once you step off stage, what kind of example are you setting for others?! Remember, people are always watching you!

I'm not saying you can never venture off and have a cheat meal, or that you have to restrict your calories at all times. Just make intelligent decisions and remember everything in moderation. Set that example and show others it IS possible to live a healthy lifestyle, be happy, be active, and ENJOY LIFE!!!!