Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jr Nationals a Success!!!

I made it home from Jr Nationals with a 2nd Place Trophy! After seeing the lineup of 12 pack abs in the fitness tall class I am SO thankful for my placing! It was the toughest group yet! Seems like everyone keeps getting better and better and I am HONORED to be a part of such a great group of women! I also wanted to share with you the article that was posted in PoseDown Magazine for June! Check it out! Pages 24 & 25 might just be someone you recognize... ;) http://www.posedownmag.com/magazine.html
Next stop... Team Universe in New Jersey! Which also just so happens to fall on the weekend of my 27th Birthday! Can you IMAGINE what a birthday present this trip will be! I'm ECSTATIC to be able to go!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Theme Song for Jr Nationals & this Journey

Competing is what I LOVE! It's in my blood! I am SO BLESSED AND THANKFUL for the opportunities I've had, friends I've made, and for having such an AMAZING husband who has helped me along this journey and been there for me every step of the way! 10 years ago I NEVER would have thought this would be my life right now... but I just want to Thank my Heavenly Father above for allowing these dreams to become a reality! As I always say, we are given the gifts.. but it's up to us to use them!
No matter what happens this weekend, I am proud to say I've put in the work, I've put in the time, the rest is out of my hands! Either way- this is my theme song for this journey I've been on within the industry!! Thank you to my family, my friends, to SiouxCountry.com and anyone who has been a part of this ride! I LOVE MY LIFE!! I made it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Fab Four of Contenders"

Check out this link to the Krivs Studio Blog! I'm HONORED to be considered in the running for some hardware at Jr Nationals! Definitely check it out and if you feel the need... vote on the right hand side for which of the "fabulous four contenders" you think will win their pro card! http://krivstudiosblog.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/clock-ticks-down-to-jr-nationals/

Sunday, June 6, 2010

NABBA Keystone States Champion!

......... I'm so proud to announce that yesterday my husband competed at the NABBA Keystone States show and it was a GREAT success!! He won 1st place in the Men's Novice Medium Class and went on to win Novice Overall Champion! He also won 1st place in Men's Open Tall Class!! He looked AMAZING on stage with his classic physique! I cannot tell you how proud of him I am! He works sooo hard, it's great to see him recognized on stage! This is only the beginning of a VERY good summer!