Monday, March 21, 2011

..Out of My Control...

So as my show is getting closer and the pressure is building on most, I've actually got a great calm about myself. For one, I'm ahead of schedule, so this past week actually added more food back in to fill my muscles back up! Two, I know that this has been my best prep yet.. I've worked harder than I ever have before.. and been more focused in this prep more than I ever have before. Why? Because I know I'm going up against women I've respected and looked up to for years! Women who are the best in the WORLD! I took full responsibility for my actions and title as a new IFBB Fitness Pro and KNEW I had to step up my game. No more playing around. This is what I DO! So I had better do it to the best of my ability and God-given talent! I want to prove that giving me a pro card at Team Universe last year was the right decision!

No concerning myself with what everyone else is doing, who shows up, or if someones theme or routine is better than mine, whether the judges like blonde or brown hair, or pink or blue suits.. that is all OUT OF MY CONTROL!
I choose to focus on what IS in my control! That would be making sure I'm lifting like I should, that my routine is smooth and crisp and exciting, I'm getting the rest and sleep I need, my diet is on point, that my physique is improved since the last time I stepped on stage and is a look that I am happy with!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Arnold 2011 Wrap Up

So Andrew & I stopped on the way home and thought we'd give a quick shout out to everyone who helped make the weekend awesome! Great to see old friends and meet new ones!