Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arnold Expo 2010

I'm very pleased to announce that I will be working at the Egg Whites International booth at the 2010 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio! Please be sure to stop by and check out the cute clothes and different protein powders blended in egg whites! Don't worry! Any orders of egg whites you make at the Arnold will be simply shipped to your home... with FREE shipping along with other great deals and discounts!! You don't want to miss out!!
God Bless,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fitness Routine Sponsorship!

BIG NEWS EVERYONE! It's time I do my part!! You all know my passion lies in fitness, so here's what I've decided! I've been blessed with an amazing suit sponsorship opportunity from Tamee (http://tameemarie.webs.com/)... so it's my time to give back!!

Not only have I been a choreographer and cheerleading coach for numerous years, I also have choreographed a few of my own fitness routines... the last one getting me 4th place at Team Universe! I'm going to be giving away a free choreographed routine to a fitness competitor for this year! Simple as that! You supply the music, we'll go back and forth on ideas, see where your strengths and weaknesses lie and go from there! This will either be in DVD form if you live too far away, or if you want to do one on one, you can travel to me or I can travel to you (expenses paid only, routine work free obviously) for the day!

Your bio.. tell me who you are, what you do, how you got into competitions, contest history if that applies, your background (whether it be dance, gymnastics.. etc), and what your goals are. Be sure to include a couple photos as well. Send all this to Stacy@StacyWright.net

Let the games begin!!
DEADLINE: Submissions must be in by Sunday, February 7th.

UPDATE!!!!!!! I've just got the news... Larry has agreed to do the fitness routine music for FREE to add to the sponsorship package!!
Larry has been making cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance music for over 3 years. Before he started making music, he was a gymnast and cheerleader for 12 years. Now he works with several colleges, high schools, and all-star teams from coast to coast, producing award winning music.
IFBB Pro and Suit/Costume Designer Sylvia Tremblay has also agreed to add a 2 piece basic two color fitness costume for the winner! Check out her work at TremblayDesigns.com

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wright Way Fitness Newsletter

I am going to be gathering information and updates to send out newsletters of what's going on with me as well as tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle! If you would like to receive these emails, please send an email to Stacy@StacyWright.net with "Newsletter" in the subject line!
More to come soon...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day One

So I'm not going to be posting every day, would just be too much to keep up with. BUT I will say that this is a very important Day One.. and it definitely deserves a blog! =) This is my 1st day of 100% dieting and training toward a VERY productive growth phase in my training. I started to refer to it as an off-season, but I refuse to do that as off-season makes it sound like I'm taking things lightly. Instead, my exact meals are calculated out and on a piece of paper on the fridge! My workout logs are written out as what needs to happen and when. Thus far today I've gotten everything done 100%! Sounds simple right... but when you're eating over 2700 calories/day and just starting out on this new diet with new foods.. cooking all that food can be very frustrating. I know after doing it a couple of days it'll become more routine! This is going to be ME! Not just playing it by ear in the offseason anymore! It's calculated out and I have a plan! I am going to make the most of this so that I am pushing and molding my physique on a daily basis!! Come show time, it's ON!!! =)
My husband and I even switched to another gym across town so we can get down to business! No talking between sets.. no interruptions... just old school, bodybuilding training that produces the bodies that he and I want!
While the day is not over, I vow to do this 100%! Taking it one day at a time! Making sure each day is done at it's fullest potential to leave NO DOUBT in my efforts for 2010!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 FitGems Awards

The 2009 FitGems Award Nominations have been posted! I am PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to say that I've been nominated for 3 categories!!!

*Amateur Fitness Competitor of the Year *
*Breakthrough Amateur Fitness Competitor of the Year*

*One to Watch in 2010: Amateur Fitness Competitor **

This is yet another amazing honor and opportunity! I would sincerely appreciate all of your votes!!
I would also like for you all to remember some friends of mine in other categories who deserve your votes....

Kayde Puckett-Pro Fitness Competitor.

Suzanne Germano- Amateur Bodybuilder.
SiouxCountry/Jason Lan- #1 Supporter and Best Female Physique Site!!

You can vote once a day.. everyday between now and February 1st! So get to it! =)

2010.. It's ON!!!!