Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day One

So I'm not going to be posting every day, would just be too much to keep up with. BUT I will say that this is a very important Day One.. and it definitely deserves a blog! =) This is my 1st day of 100% dieting and training toward a VERY productive growth phase in my training. I started to refer to it as an off-season, but I refuse to do that as off-season makes it sound like I'm taking things lightly. Instead, my exact meals are calculated out and on a piece of paper on the fridge! My workout logs are written out as what needs to happen and when. Thus far today I've gotten everything done 100%! Sounds simple right... but when you're eating over 2700 calories/day and just starting out on this new diet with new foods.. cooking all that food can be very frustrating. I know after doing it a couple of days it'll become more routine! This is going to be ME! Not just playing it by ear in the offseason anymore! It's calculated out and I have a plan! I am going to make the most of this so that I am pushing and molding my physique on a daily basis!! Come show time, it's ON!!! =)
My husband and I even switched to another gym across town so we can get down to business! No talking between sets.. no interruptions... just old school, bodybuilding training that produces the bodies that he and I want!
While the day is not over, I vow to do this 100%! Taking it one day at a time! Making sure each day is done at it's fullest potential to leave NO DOUBT in my efforts for 2010!!

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