Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Toronto Pro Supershow Recap

This show had many "first" experiences for me! It was AMAZING to say the least! I prepared and did my best and looked forward to traveling to Canada, as I've never been out of the country! Once we crossed the border, I was so pleased with what I found! Andrew & I absolutely loved Toronto and all it had to offer. The people were friendly and everything was so nice and clean! Definitely somewhere we'd like to travel to again!
At the prejudging, my goal was just to do my best and have fun! It was SO good to see so many fellow competitors I haven't seen in a while and meet new ones! Some of them being people I sincerely look up to. At the athletes meeting, I had the honor to sit beside of Cathy LeFrancois. Then, in the physique round.. I was the only one NOT from Canada in the first callouts... standing me beside of the wonderful Mindi O'Brien, who is someone I've looked up to for some time! I watch her DVD while I do morning cardio. That just makes it all SO surreal to be standing beside of her, on the pro stage, in Canada, in the first callout! That alone made it SO worthwhile doing this show!!
At the finals, we started with the Fitness Routines. This time, being last, I decided not to start warming up until after the first girl begin, that way I didn't wear myself out. This worked a lot better as I didn't feel exhausted before I even hit the stage. I did farely well in my routine other than I twisted my ankle in one part (don't even know HOW I managed to do that), I recovered well, but if was definitely noticable.. so I know that had to hurt my score (and my ankle LOL). I was disappointed in myself, simply because I know there's no one to blame but myself. This only fuels my fire, and makes me want it even more! So back to the drawing board. I need to find that "WOW" factor for my routines! I'm going up against such ELITE athletes.. I've got to go above and beyond to do my best! It's something I definitely plan to work on! The way the routines went my overall placing ended up being 9th out of 14. I'm still SO proud of my placing and my callout and will continue to improve and do my best!
On the way home, Andrew & I got to see Niagara Falls which was great! It was so good having a weekend away from our laptops and since our phones were out of range, we only used them for a few quick must-send messages. The time to just relax and enjoy each other and our company was a nice change of pace!
So... Toronto, THANK YOU for putting on such a good show in such a great location! I hope to see you again! =)