Saturday, February 11, 2012


My 1st and foremost goal is to be the best Wife & Mommy I can possibly be!
With everything going on, all my loves and passions in life... nothing can surpass those "titles" and what all they truly mean. Being a wife to Andrew is the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for, and NOW, we have created this little boy that we get to raise. I can't wait to meet him! As for baby, our goal is to raise him the way God intended. Have fun, love him, cherish him, spoil him too of course, but also give him direction. Teach him morals and values.. right from wrong. These are my true goals to come.
As for some other goals, I know you're all wondering and asking about my fitness plans. I do have high hopes of returning to the stage. As you all have learned over the years, I always work to improve from year to year. This year is a bit different with all the changes my body has gone through, however once baby gets here, we will reassess the situation and make a plan from there. While I would love to return to the stage asap, I will not do so unless my body is ready both physique-wise AND routine wise. I will not rush anything "just to compete". I always want to be at my best and while I love to push my body, I also know my limitations. We'll take this process one day at a time. In the meantime, we're enjoying the pregnancy and now have a countdown of 30 Days Until Baby Wright is Due!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a little update

Here's a belly pic from 34wks on Jan 30, 2012.

I figured it was about time to stop in for an update. As for baby, he's growing well and progressing as he should! Things are going great and I couldn't be more thankful! We've also had our baby shower since I last posted so we've had a time trying to find a place to put everything. The baby has taken over and he's not even here yet LOL =) We are SO thankful for all the wonderful gifts we received! It was definitely a huge load lifted off our shoulders with all the help and support we've gotten! At this point, only about 34 days to go!
I'm still working at the hospital full time. I have my moments of being short of breath where baby takes up so much space, but overall doing well. I would go ahead and take some time off, but I would MUCH rather be off after he gets here.
I'm also still able to go to the gym. A typical workout for me is 1-2 exercises per body part. I typically do a full body workout with slightly higher reps and lower weight and then 20 minutes on the treadmill walking at an incline. It feels pretty good to still be able to have my gym time... not only to still be able to feel the weights, but also makes my body feel better and I sleep better too. At this point I'm lifting strictly to prepare for labor/delivery of baby as well as for circulation purposes. Definitely pregnancy lifting isn't to gain muscle or lose body fat. It's 100% for baby!
And his name, you ask!?! We have had his name picked out since the beginning of the 2nd trimester but haven't told anybody! It's going to be a surprise! We did get him his first outfit to wear and it has his name on it! So we can't wait for our families to come see him the first time! =)