Friday, February 26, 2010

NPC Pittsburgh

I've decided to add a show to my 2010 Schedule! It's a local NPC show! I'll be competing in Fitness at the Pittsburgh show May 1st! This is the same NPC show I did back in 2007! My 2nd show in the NPC! Gonna go back to my roots on this one! =) It was a great show that I learned so much from... I remember like it was yesterday.. stepping on that stage. Once the show was over, I told my husband I will NOT step back on stage until I compete at the same level of conditioning and with muscle like these ladies had! I took that next year and made some of the best gains of my career!!! I'm pleased to say this will be my warm up before Jr Nationals in June - Plus hopefully everyone who attends will enjoy my routine and be entertained with what I will bring to the table! Here's a pic from the last time I did this show! Other than that, the Arnold is coming up! I've started packing and VERY excited to be representing Egg Whites International!! Again, be sure to stop by and say Hello!! See you there! God Bless, Stacy

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...and the WINNER is...

The winner of the fitness routine sponsorship is.... MICHELE GREEN!! I want to THANK all of those who sent in their entries and a special CONGRATULATIONS to Michele! She's got a great year ahead of her! Stay Tuned!!