Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Building the Brand "ME"

I GOT MY NEW SUIT TODAY!!!! YAY!!!! Thanks to Tamee Marie who is the BEST SUIT DESIGNER EVERRRRR!!! I just love her!

As for me, each year it seems like I have certain goals. For years it was a pro card.. but even more than that it was to better myself or expand in certain areas. This year so far I've really been focusing on the brand "ME". Before I would send out emails, and network and such.. but this year- I'm really doing my homework.. each day contacting 2-4 companies and racking my brain looking for sponsors and opportunities within the industry. I've already set up one photo shoot the week after my show to get some GREAT high quality shots. I'm also contacting some other photographers I've not worked with yet to see what I can learn and try to grow in that area. So for the 50 or so rejections (or just lack of return messages) I've gotten so far, once I get that ONE, it will be worth it. What people don't realize though is how exhausting that is! It's like being a struggling actress looking for work! LOL! But HEY! It's just a part of the process!!

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