Wednesday, December 14, 2011

89 Days To Go!

89 Days to go until Baby Boy Wright is due! Things have been great and as I'm drawing nearer to the third trimester, I'm finally starting to look pregnant! =) The baby is growing and getting more and more active by the day! We can't wait to meet him!
I'm still training. The workouts are definitely having to be adjusted due to the growing belly. I'm now doing more machine exercises, especially for lower body, and have to watch my positioning for comfort and support during the free weight exercises. This past week, with the growing and positioning of the baby, my back has really begun to ache. Our recliner just isn't comfortable at all anymore and it used to be the greatest chair of all time. So instead, you'll find me sitting in the floor using the chair as my back rest. The diet is that of a typical off season. I am pretty lax on what I'm taking in (of course within reason) and making sure I'm still getting in enough protein.
I'm definitely embracing and loving my first pregnancy! I am definitely very blessed with the experience so far! I just can't believe how fast it has flown by! Hoping for another update soon!

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