Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Be Prepared

I've found myself having a hard time with the competition diet lately. I've come to realize I was letting myself go too long in between meals, allowing myself to get hungry, and then my mind goes wild with crazy things I want to eat. The thing is, I need to be better prepared. I can't let myself get to the hungry point... not only because of the cravings, but if I get hungry- that means my body might be using my muscles for food! I don't want to breakdown ANY muscle! So I'm making the necessary changes to make sure this doesn't happen. This picture is just an example of how, as competitors (and also those attempting to live a healthy lifestyle) need to be prepared and plan ahead. That means, packing home cooked meals and carrying a lunch box, so if I get stuck out somewhere... I have HEALTHY food ready to eat! Just a side note, it's always much quicker to go ahead and fix extra food when you cook. Store what you don't need in tupperware in the fridge for later use. That way, you can throw it in a lunch box, or grab it out of the fridge, throw it in the microwave and eat up as needed... rather than taking a half hour to try to fix something while munching away on foods probably not needed.

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