Sunday, March 28, 2010

Excuses OR Action??


Whether you're making excuses as to why you haven't started a training program, why you haven't started a new nutritional regimen, why you haven't stepped on stage yet, why you haven't crossed over in divisions, or why you didn't place as high as you would have liked at your show.... STOP! Excuses get us NOWHERE! Every single one of us out there have excuses we could use as to why we haven't "Got the Job Done". We all have jobs/school, families, illnesses, car trouble, housework... the list goes on and on...but guess what- it's those who choose to take action rather than make excuses who see the results they desire! It's time we step it up, take things like big boys and girls and if we have a goal.. a TRUE DESIRE to better ourselves - we need to put down the book of excuses and take action putting in that hard work to achieve those dreams and goals!! Learn from our experiences and keep pushing forward! Each day holds a purpose and gives us the opportunity to learn and grow! Take each learning experience for what it's worth and work to make progress each and every day!

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