Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shred it up in 2010

So when asked what my goal is for next year.. I, of course, have many! Bringing in a routine to the stage that is pleasing to the eye and very dynamic. As for the physique, I came in weighing about 138 lbs for my competitions last year. For 2010, I would like to stay pretty close to that in hopes of having even 1 or 2 more lbs of muscle on my frame with a lower bodyfat. With a different body composition at that weight, you're sure to see a difference! I'm working hard in this off season, lifting heavy... slow and controlled movements... working to improve the overall physique and continue with good symmetry. The diet I could obviously be doing much better at, but- we ARE all human! It's hard for even me! But I don't let that stop me! Just try to make better decisions each day! In the end, the results and stepping on that stage is SO worth it! For now, be sure to check out my gallery! New pictures have been added to each tab! Enjoy! God Bless, Stacy

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