Monday, October 5, 2009

*Home Sweet Home*

After all these trips this past month, I can't help but tell you how happy I am to be able to sleep in my own bed and get back to a normal schedule! I miss all the excitement and activities going on.. getting ready for a shoots.. hair and make-up done to a T, but my body needs some time for rest and relaxation. Hopefully move forward in my fitness career a little more as well. It IS always kind of a let-down though to come home and go back to the normal things of life... laundry, cleaning house, grocery shopping.. and not having a show coming up soon. A lot of competitors have a tough time with this. The binge and rebounding weight, taking time away from the gym, allowing bad habits and decision making to ruin, so quickly, that amazing physique we worked so hard to attain! And I am no where near perfect.. and don't claim to be- but this time is going to be different. To me, I've come to learn there is NO off season! Everything we do plays a part in our next show. Even if it's 9 months or a year away! What we're doing today, will show the next time we're on stage. My goal is to keep that mindset and do each day what I need to do. Because to me... this isn't a hobby or something to do because I'm bored! It's a way of life! And I LOVE this life! So for now, I'm enjoying the end of one season and doing everything I can to move forward and carry it over to an amazing 2010 season!

God Bless,


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