Friday, December 17, 2010

Just My Luck

Good Morning! My stretch of a million days of work is over and I have 5 days off.. then back to work for Christmas. My last day this work stretch was horrible.. lots of drama in the hospital.. the snow was POURING down and no one would treat them because it was coming down so fast, so I drove my husbands car to work (as mine is RWD). There are wrecks everywhere on the way, only for it to continue snowing the entire day.

On my way home, I am on the interstate being very careful and hit a slush blob of snow.. and here a pop. The car starts pulling to the right.. I'm like GREAT! I drive another 2 miles until the next exit, get off at the gas station and guess what!? A FLAT! Called my dad so he could pick up Andrew and they could come help (again.. I left my car with Andrew which barely drives in the rain LOL)

It's always fun changing tires is snow slush at a gas station when it's freezing out, right!? Not really.. but after I went numb I started laughing real hard just at my luck! Andrew warned me, once you become a "Wright"... everything goes wrong! HAHA
So anyway- Andrew has speakers in the back of his car.. We basically had to rip them out to get the spare tire out. Then put the doughnut on the rear tire.. and took the rear tire and put it on the front to replace the flat so it wouldn't be so hard driving in all that snow. It was a very interesting day.. and to say the least.. was one of those days I'm REALLY glad I had my camera. Otherwise no one would ever believe the fun... (or whatever you call it)

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