Monday, September 21, 2009

Team Universe Results

Wow!! What a weekend in NY! My biggest show to date! It started out with a photoshoot on Friday morning! I can't wait to show you pictures! I had a blast and know we got a lot of great shots!
There were 11 girls in the tall fitness class! My routine went over VERY well on Friday night! I was VERY excited to get to debut the new routine! Saturday morning came and... well, we overshot the physique. We tried a new prep and I peaked too soon. By Saturday morning my muscles had smoothed over. I got 2nd callout in the physique round and had convinced myself I did not make top 5. When we got back for the finals and I walked off stage to learn the outcome, I was congratulated and told to get ready. I had MADE THE TOP 5 and was going to perform my routine again for the night show!! YEAHH!!! I did it!!!! I rocked my routine and pulled off a 4th place finish!!! I was VERY pleased!!! What an honor!
Although I KNOW I could've done better, and my physique HAS looked better... we know exactly what happened and exactly how to fix it! I'll definitely come back 200 times better next year and continue to knock your socks off!! Until then, I'm unpacking from NY and repacking to head to Las Vegas to see the Olympia this weekend with my girl, Lori! I'm going to be taking a million pictures, so be watching for them!
God Bless,


  1. Congrats! Great job...I hope to compete Team U in 2010! Hope to meet you at a show soon!